Pedaling Forward – This is Gravel EP:601

After 204 days of our studio in downtown Emporia Kansas sitting dormant, it once again came to life with the launch of “This is Gravel” season six. Neil Taylor joins producer Matt Fowler as they sit down and reflect on what happened in 2020 to them personally and the Gravel Guru content as they answer viewer-submitted questions.

Q&A Questions:

Q1: Just getting started into gravel. How do you train for long events?

Q2: What will 2021 start lines look like as it relates to social distancing?

Q3: How has 2020 changed the future of gravel?

Q4: Should we continue to avoid group rides because of Covid?

Q5: What’s the vibe like in Emporia about the state of things?

Q6: What was your favorite 2020 quarantine style race/event ?

Q7: Will it be muddy for Mid South if the event is in-person and dry if virtual?


This and so much more on the season six premiere of This is Gravel.


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