New Beginnings & Countdown to Unbound Gravel – This is Gravel EP:907

Wrapping up the month of April Neil Taylor & Matt Fowler are back in the studio to pump out a new episode of This is Gravel here on Gravel Guru. The episode starts with big news about career changes with Matt as he parts ways from local bike shop life at Merchant Cycles. Listen along and find out his plans for the exciting future!

Further along in the episode, the team starts breaking down some questions and answers they have crowdsourced this week leading into Unbound Gravel. 

Questions Answered:

1. What can we do when we are coming to the Emporia area to train that would reduce the stress of the rural residents and farmers?

2. How much rowdier is the North vs. South route?

3. As a long-time gravel rider do you think Life Time benefits the gravel scene?

4. Will we be doing Unbound route reasons shows like in the past?

All of this and so much more on this episode of This is Gravel here on Gravel Guru.


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